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Insurance Brokers Face Hiring Challenges

As shared by our member, Bruno DeMayo of Balance Point, the combined trends of an aging insurance broker population and a competitive hiring market create significant challenges. This article describes how insurance brokers can face and survive this challenge. Read more on Balance Point’s blog.


In order to calculate payroll taxes accurately and effectively for your company and employees next year, it is important to understand the new and existing compliance requirements in effect for 2020.  Courtesy of our accounting services member, Maria Plucinsky, CPA of SAX, click for an overview of the tax rates, taxable wage bases and other updates that…

Recent Court Cases Highlight the Importance of Properly Drafted Restricted Covenants

Employers devote significant resources developing products, markets and clients. Employees involved in this development possess important information that risks company assets when they leave the company. Restricted covenant agreements that are properly drafted help protect the employer. However, recent cases involving ADP illustrate the challenges in creating these agreements. Read more from our employment law…